Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Magnitude of Grace

I was briefly doing some study earlier and listing to Pandora when a song about God's
Grace came on. Which song is irrelevant, I don't even remember. What I do remember is being overwhelmed by the concept of Grace. So many authors, pastors, theologians, and men and women of faith have expounded on the idea of God's grace already, but the sheer magnitude of it defies description in words. Human language is so limited to define, explain, and portray concepts like Grace, Beauty, and Forgiveness.

I was overwhelmed by Grace, receiving from God that which we do not deserve. It reminds me of Romans 8:1 Now therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. This verse is a grand slam of significance. Can you imagine what the world, what our lives and relationships would look like if we took this verse to its logical ends. What transformation would come about by a body of people who swam in an ocean of No Condemnation.

We have been given unlimited access to an infinite supply of Grace. How foolishly do we piddle around in our lives with frustrations, grudges, addictions, and tension in relationships. How might we treat the people in our lives if we swam in an ocean of Grace all day every day. What might our marriages, families, children, and friendships look like if took advantage of the unlimited access to infinite grace at our disposal. Why are we so stingy with grace towards other people when we have been given infinite access? Why do we allow offense, defense, petty differences, and pet peeves drive irreconcilable wedges between us? How absurd that we should be hesitant to give out a few buckets of this Grace when there is an unlimited supply at our disposal?

We have received more Grace from God than we will ever be asked to bestow on other people. I am the poster child of chief of sinners. I cannot comprehend how much I have been forgiven in my short life, how deeply I have offended and committed treason against the Gracious Master. Yet He continually calls the wayward sheep home embracing us with open arms and unlimited affection. How have we been given such an incredible deal? How can we turn our backs on this, I don't know even though I so often do.

Let me conclude with a plea for the application of Grace. We are ungracious with people in our lives because we either do not understand how much grace we have received from God, or because we are self-righteous in our belief that we didn't require much Grace. When our eyes are opened to the Niagara Falls of Grace we have and continually receive, only then can we apply this Grace horizontally to our wives, children, friends, and family. Be a conduit of the Grace you have already received, seek to fathom what you have been given so that you might display the Glory of God's Grace in your application of it to other people.